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Reflexology is form of therapy that can help transition your body, mind, and spirit from winter to spring and work to enhance your feelings of wellness throughout the year. Your feet are like the roots to your body, supporting you and grounding you into the earth. By paying special attention to this important part of your body, reflexology for your feet can impact positively on your overall well-being. Foot reflexology is an ancient healing technique that stimulates reflex points on the feet and ankles to reduce stress and promote balance and relaxation to all the organs and systems of the body.


A wonderful preventative therapy, reflexology helps to facilitate stress and pain reduction, improve circulation and nerve function, and revitalize and restore the flow of energy in the entire body to encourage overall health and wellness. Reflexology can help improve and increase blood flow to internal organs promoting their proper functions. Along with organ function, reflexology helps relieve pain, especially pain associated with headaches, chest pain, arthritis, and more. It can help relieve joint pain related to injury, everyday walking, and athletics. This pressure point focused therapy stimulates the nervous system to relieve tension through slight pressure movements. Unlike massages, which focus on improving the body from the outside in, reflexology therapy helps improve the body and relieve tension from the inside out and ultimately helps you feel relaxed in body and mind.